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It brings me immense happiness being able to reach out to you for the first time. I am Redcalf from La Fresca Chifu (“LFC”), a devoted food critic who loves food as well as the stories behind them. I hope you would like reading my blogs and share my excitement for acquiring fantastic knowledge about delicacies. Let’s begin with the two typical choices when you order fresh Japanese food, namely sashimi and sushi. 

The word sashimi means "pierced body", a thinly sliced raw meat typically fish that is served without rice. Long time ago, when sashimi was displayed in the shop, people had a hard time knowing the type of fish. Therefore sashimi vendors at that time decided the meat was served pierce with the tail and head of the fish, and it is allegedly the origin of the name “sashimi”. Besides fish, sashimi is available in chicken, beef and horse meat. Tataki is also a form of sashimi made of minced meat. Fish such as tuna are chopped and mixed with garlic, ginger, green onions or shiso leaves. Soy sauce is poured over the chopped mixture before consumption.

On the other hand, sushi is prepared vinegar rice topped by seafood, often raw, and vegetables. Apart from the most famous hand-pressed sushi “Nigiri” (握壽司), traditional Japanese sushi also takes other forms including “Maki” (sushi rolls/卷壽司), “Chirashi”(sliced raw fish scattered over a bed of vinegar rice/散壽司), and “Inari” (vinegar rice wrapped in fried bean curd/豆皮壽司). Sushi is often served with wasabi and soy sauce. Pickled radish is a popular garnish for the dish.

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Always remember nice food brings enjoyment and sharing them brings you joy. Bon Appétit, and see you next time!

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