Terms and Conditions


Recommended storage and preparation 

  • After receipt of your order, please store the frozen food in the freezer at or below -18°C until they are transferred to the refrigerator for defrosting. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Product Catagories” in the website of LA FRESCA CHIFU LIMITED (“our company”);
  • Sashimi should be enjoyed right after defrosting. While serving sashimi, to retain freshness, please place them on a plate with ice cubes covered with plastic wrap.


Delivery in adverse weather and traffic conditions

  • When weather warning and signal for tropical cyclone, rainstorm or thunderstorm is hoisted, or there are any incidents causing traffic congestion, the delivery services may be delayed, suspended or rearranged.


Currency and Third-Party payment service

  • All the prices shown in our company website are in Hong Kong dollar;
  • Our company uses third-party payment service to process online transactions. When you place an order, you understand, agree, and accept to the payment service providers’ terms and conditions. Our company is not responsible for any losses incurred or sustained directly or indirectly by the online transactions.


Receiving your orders

  • If customers fail to collect their order in their agreed delivery timeslot, the order will be cancelled and will not be refunded;
  • Please examine your order upon delivery arrival and make sure the received content is in order. For inquiries or follow-up actions, please send email to our company via cs@lafrescachifu.com on the same day you receive your order;
  • Under general circumstances, no cancellation or change will be accepted for any orders placed, and no refund, return or exchange of goods will be offered;
  • Delivery services to remote areas are under particular conditions and for extra charges. Please refer to our "Shopping Process" section for details.


In case of any disputes, the decision of La Fresca Chifu Limited shall be final.